Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I regard myself as a friend of Israel and see the nation as the only democracy in the Middle East. As an Iranian political activist living in exile in Sweden, I have consistently defended the Israeli cause and Israel’s right to exist. I have also publicly condemned the Islamic Regime’s support for terrorism against, among others, the State of Israel in various media outlets.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the majority of Iranian people consider themselves friends of Israel. Consequently, it’s essential to distinguish the Iranian people from the Islamic regime, which poses a threat not only to global peace but also to Iran and its people.

This brief message to you, Mr. Prime Minister, is of utmost importance as the recent policies of your country have led to a shift in perception among many Iranians who once considered themselves friends of Israel and now view it with skepticism.

In your speech delivered in Persian at the UN General Assembly yesterday, you addressed the people of Iran by saying, “Shomaah doosteh mah hasteed [You are our friends].”

Imagine the consternation this statement caused among Iranians, and I am not referring to the Islamic Regime and their war against peace and solidarity. I am talking about ordinary Iranians, particularly those in the opposition who wish to overthrow the Islamic Regime. It is a regrettable fact that Israel’s policies have contributed to the growing skepticism of the Iranian opposition towards Israel.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, it is not possible to consider yourself a friend of Iran and its people while simultaneously supporting policies that encourage separatism in Iran with the intent of its destruction [1-3].

I urge Israeli policymakers to reconsider their stance on separatism in the Middle East, especially when it concerns Iran. It would be deeply unfortunate for both parties, Iran and Israel, if current supporters of Israel among Iranians and the Iranian opposition were to no longer view Israel as a friend.

Best Wishes,
Ardavan Khoshnood

[1] The Jordan Times (19 Sep. 2017)

[2] Haaretz (13 Sep. 2017)

[3] The New Yorker (28 June 2004)