The clashes in Iran persists as protestors march into their seventh day of demonstrations. For some background information, please refer to my previous post. The protestors are not just raising anti-regime slogans and directly calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, but they are also persisting with their pro-monarchy chants. According to international media reports, the death toll has risen to more than ten. Here are some fresh clips from Iran, captured over the last two days.

    • Tehran, The Republic Avenue. People are chanting “Reza Shah, Rest in Peace”.

    • Karaj, a large city close to Tehran. People are chanting, “Shah, Bargard. Shah, Bargard, Shah, Bargard”, translated to English: “Shah, Return. Shah, Return. Shah, Return”.

    • Unknown city. People are chanting “Pahlavi, Pahlavi” referring to the Pahlavi Dynasty of Iran.

    • Unknown city. People are chanting “Valiahd kojayi, be dade ma biayi?”, translated to English: “Crown Prince, Where Are You? Help Us.” The crown prince is Reza Pahlavi, the oldest son of the late Shah of Iran, now living in exile in the US.

  • Khorramabad, a large city in the West of Iran. People are chanting: “Crown Prince, Where Are you? Help Us.”