Many of you might already be aware that an Iranian man, who holds Norwegian citizenship, has been detained by the Swedish Security Police in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is suspected of collaborating with the Islamic regime in Iran’s intelligence ministry and plotting the assassination of Iranian opponents of the Islamic regime residing in Denmark.

I was interviewed by the Swedish newspaper “Sydsvenskan” which wrote the following:

According to Ardavan Khoshnood, criminologist at Malmö University, Sweden can become a target for similar acts.
“There is a large Iranian society in Sweden where some of them are active opponents of the Islamic regime in Iran and constitute a clear threat to the regime,” he says.

On the 1st of November, I published an article in the Swedish newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet”, wherein I wrote, among other things:

A man has been taken into custody in Gothenburg under suspicion of plotting to murder exiled Iranians residing in Denmark. The most pressing question now is whether this detained individual can be linked to any of Iran’s embassies in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden. It’s crucial that Iran’s activities within Sweden are accurately mapped out and subjected to in-depth analysis.