My friends, dear compatriots,

Today we gather here in Stockholm to remember not only Mahsa Amini, but all those who have given their lives in the struggle for freedom and justice in Iran. We honor those who have been executed, those who have been killed in protests, and those who have been killed in exile. This day belongs to them all.

Since 1979, Iran and its people have been victims of the tyranny of the Islamic regime. This regime has kidnapped our culture, our history, our youth, and our lives. But we stand here today, united, and say loud and clear to the regime and their minions around the world, including here in Sweden: “The struggle continues! We will prevail!”

The regime’s evil knows no bounds. It even reaches Sweden. We have seen massive provocations from the regime in Iran during the so-called Quran burnings, and we have witnessed how the Islamic Republic has carried out terror and espionage on Swedish soil. Both the Islamic regime’s embassy in Lidingö, as well as mosques tied to the regime in Iran, play a crucial role in the threat against Sweden.

Today we see the regime’s threat more than ever before. Russia’s attack on Ukraine with weapons that have been supplied by Iran is a clear example. It is time for the world and especially Sweden to act!

And we have demands:

  • Impose sanctions on the regime’s leader, Ali Khamenei, and all those who work at his office.
  • Impose sanctions on the regime’s president and his government.
  • Impose sanctions on the family members of the regime elite. Why are they allowed to come to Sweden and study, work, and live in full freedom?
  • Impose sanctions not only against the IRGC but also the intelligence ministry, which also has blood on its hands.
  • Impose trade sanctions against the regime.
  • And finally, break diplomatic relations.

And to you, all of you who are fighting against the terror regime in Iran. We must stand united and organize ourselves. We stand strong, and we will not back down. For every person who falls, a thousand others will rise. The Islamic regime can take our lives, but they can never take our love for Iran!