On February 11, a demonstration was held in Malmö to draw attention to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s crimes against human rights. This day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The following is my speech on that day in Malmö.

Dear compatriots and friends,

Today, while the leaders of the Islamic Republic celebrate the establishment of their rule, an entire Iran sees this day as the darkest and blackest day in its history. For the people of Iran, February 11 is not a new dawn, but a nightmare. A nightmare that has lasted for 45 years.

The overthrow of the Iranian monarchy and the departure of the Shah of Iran from the country was not just a political change. It was the culmination of foreign pressures and direct foreign interference in Iran. Iran strived to stand as an independent power in a bipolar world. The Shah’s vision for Iran was a modern state, a strong economy, and a proud Iran. He aimed to transform Iran into a global power, an aspiration not tolerated by Iran’s enemies.

The support from foreign powers to Ruhollah Khomeini and the establishment of the Islamic Republic was a clear sign of geopolitical games where Iran’s independence was sacrificed. February 11 was thus a victory for Iran’s enemies. Therefore, we must never forget the role of these countries in the destruction of Iran. We must also not forget those who served these powers and set out to destroy Iran. I am referring to those known as “the three corrupt ones.”*

The Islamic Republic and the 79’ers have well fulfilled their purpose. Iran, once having one of the strongest economies in Asia, today has a currency weaker than the poorest countries in the world. Once we had the respect of the whole world, but today Iran’s closest friends are Syria, Russia, and North Korea. We once had the best universities, and today we are ranked among the worst in the world. They have even destroyed sports. In the 68 years that the Asian Football Championships have been played, Iran became the Asian champions three times in a row, 1968, 1972, and 1978. All three under the rule of the Shah of Iran. The Shah’s Iran also hosted these championships twice. The Islamic Republic has also hosted, but hundreds of meetings and conferences on terror and horror, over its 45 years.

There is no other way than the downfall of the Islamic Republic.

In our quest to overthrow the Islamic Republic, we must also be vigilant of those within our own ranks who intentionally or unintentionally harm our unity and the effectiveness of our cause, create division, and obscure our message.

The way forward requires a vision. We stand on the brink of change and want a future where Iran can regain its dignity and potential. This insight is rooted in the principles of patriotism, democracy, and human rights – the ideals that our history and cultural heritage have taught us. We must build a strong and united organization. An organization that stands not for the interests of the few, but for the freedom of Iran.

Let us remember February 11 not only as the victory day of evil but as a call to action. It is time to move from words to action. Our victory is rooted in our belief in Iran’s greatness and pride. Our belief in democracy. Our belief in our king, Reza Shah II.

* In connection with the murder of Mahsa Amini on September 16, 2022, there was a slogan used quite extensively both inside and outside Iran which translates to the following: “Shame on the three corrupt; the Mullahs, the Left, and the Mojahedin.”