Simulator training gives new doctors confidence in emergency situations [Swedish]

Current national objectives of Swedish medical schools state that new doctors should be able to independently start rapid and appropriate early treatment and diagnostic assessment in life-threatening situations. Since 2017 more than one thousand senior undergraduate students at Lund University have undergone compulsory five-week training in initial management of potentially reversible medical emergency conditions. The students participate in thematic full-scale simulations of life-threatening bedside challenges associated with chest or abdominal pain, vital organ dysfunction, and major trauma, and also take part in lectures, case-based seminars and clinical emergency practice under individual supervision. The course is concluded by a structured simulation-based holistic examination, designed to test individual abilities of relevant decision-making, rapid and appropriate bedside action, and professional approach.

Jonas Åkeson, Ardavan Khoshnood, Jakob Lundager Forberg, Ulf Ekelund


Läkartidningen, 119(44-45):1454-1456