On January 27, 2023, an event titled “Revealing the Islamic Republic´s Game Plan” was orchestrated in Stockholm, aiming to unravel the strategies employed by the Islamic Republic in Iran and its ramifications on European soil. The event was structured into two panel discussions, each addressing critical facets of the Islamic Republic’s maneuvers.

The inaugural panel, dubbed “International Sanctions and the EU’s Stance on IRGC”, was enriched by the insights of experts Dr. Ardavan Khoshnood and Mr. Jason Brodsky. The discussion focused on the necessity for the European Union to formally label the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, thereby instigating a chain of sanctions against it. The discussion elucidated how such a move could notably cripple the IRGC’s operations, advocating for a harmonized European stance on the matter.

Following suit, the second panel, “Countering the Islamic Republic’s Lobbyists in Democratic Nations”, featured a knowledgeable trio – Dr. Ardavan Khoshnood, Member of Parliament Mr. Fredrik Malm, and Dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab. The panel delved into the labyrinth of the Islamic Republic’s lobbying in Europe, spotlighting Sweden. The dialog revolved around the operational tactics of these lobbyists and unfolded a myriad of strategies to negate their influence effectively, thus preserving the democratic ethos that Europe cherishes.

Panel 1: “International Sanctions and the EU’s Stance on IRGC”
Panel 2: “Countering the Islamic Republic’s Lobbyists in Democratic Nations”